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XRPL Blockchain To Sort Land Registry For Government Of Columbia

The first National Land Registry for Colombia has been launched on top of the XRPL Blockchain after a year of effort by Ripple partner Peersyst Technology, a Barcelona-based software development company.

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The solution, which is based on the XRP stamp and allows digital assets to be registered on XRPL and their authenticity to be validated with a QR code, has been developed for Colombia’s National Land Agency “AgenciaTierras.” To give Colombians trust, the solution aims to register more than 100,000 judgments in the near future.

Peersyst Technology uses the blockchain and has worked with Ripple for a long time. On its main website, it specifically mentions its relationship with Ripple. It recently tweeted, “Excited to continue our alliance for the following year as the trusted blockchain company bringing tech with our partner Ripple,” in reference to its renewed partnership with the fintech firm Ripple.

Release of a new XRP Ledger API server

Clio 1.0, an XRP Ledger API server that promises to dramatically improve the scalability of access to the blockchain’s data, has been released, according to Ripple CTO Joel Katz. The newly launched Ledger API server aims to increase API request performance, decrease memory and storage costs, and facilitate horizontal scaling.

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Santiment claims that during the past two and a half years, XRP just saw its highest daily number of unique addresses connecting to the network. For the first time since February 2020, there were more than 200,000 daily active addresses on XRP.

The number of active addresses on the network significantly increased on June 26. This happened when there were 202,960 unique active addresses as opposed to 29,640 the day before, an increase of 685 percent. Over the next days, the number of active addresses decreased. Occasionally, though, there were sharp peaks in the activity of about 50,000 active addresses, followed by a reduction. At the end of June, the XRP Network had an average of 45,000 unique addresses per day. At the time of press, the altcoin was priced at $0.3149371 with a daily rise of 0.3%.

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