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With Two Filed trademarks, Visa to facilitate Crypto services soon – TechStory

On 22nd October this year, the US tech giant Visa, the financial service corporation, decided to enter into the cryptocurrency space by applying for two patient trademarks. The two patients were about the visa logo. The organization visa has filled the patient rights with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


With Two Filed trademarks, Visa to facilitate Crypto services soon

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What trademarks are filed by visa?

As per the filed patent documents, the visa organization has been looking for the rights on the character mark of the visa symbol. Along with the options like the use of a visa symbol for the storing of the user information, storing information, accessing and processing the transactions in cryptocurrency assets like blockchain assets, virtual currency, or non-fungible tokens.
The financial service composition visa wants to work on the options like virtual exchanges through the platforms like metaverse environments where the users will be able to interact as a part of recreation or for entertainment or leisure as a part of digital services into the virtual space ambitions of the organization.
As per the second filing, the company wants to work as a facilitator of digital and blockchain network transactions as a process of electronic cash transfer or transmission with the help of cryptocurrency payments services or the exchange services platform.
Along with these filings, the company has been already experimenting with the digital asset option NFT, the non-fungible token. The company started its NFT program in October 2021 by acquiring one popular CryptoPunk NFT in an attempt to work on the infrastructure requirements and to understand all the processes like the buy, sell, and leverage the options as the credible marketplace in the NFT option.

What is visa?

Visa is an American financial services platform that provides the services like electronic fund transfers throughout the world. The organization provided its services with the help of card services like credit cards, debit cards, or prepaid cards to its customers. The organization is considered to be one of the top three payment organizations for providing payment services to its customers.

What other companies are racing in the crypto race against visa?

In recent months, financial service providers and competitors of visa are also entering into the cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies network. The companies like PayPal and Western Union are also filing similar patents and rights to work on the options like digital crypto wallets, and digital token asset platforms aligned with ancillary services like insurance services and commodity derivatives services in the digital crypto asset networks.



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