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Why DOT, CAKE, D2T, RIA And These Cryptos Are Trending

The cryptocurrency market is growing in popularity and proof is in the numbers. More and more new investors are driving the growth of this new asset class. While the evergreen cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are still going strong, a number of other altcoins are also starting to gain traction.

Projects such as Dash2Trade,  Calvaria, IMPT.io, Tamadoge are showing great potential and are trending at the moment. Let’s do a deep dive into the list of top trending cryptos at the moment.

Overview – Top trending cryptos of 2022
The following are just some of the cryptocurrencies which are trending at the moment.
●       Dash2Trade
●       Calvaria
●       IMPT.io
●       Tamadoge
●       Polkadot
●       PancakeSwap
Let’s do a deep dive into each of these trending projects.

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Dash2Trade – Crypto analytics platform

Dash2Trade is a new crypto signal and analytics platform which offers a gateway to well-informed trading decisions. It offers various tools to increase traders’ profits. To take advantage of the full functionalities of Dash2Trade, users have to choose either a starter or a premium subscription. Rather than allowing the bigger players to continue to dominate the market, Dash2Trade has made it easy for retailers to compete on the same level.
The team behind Dash2Trade is developed by experts at Learn2Trade. One of the best features of Dash2Trade is the ability to curate your own automated trading strategy. The strategies can be curated with a range of tools such as technical analysis tools. Users can also use social metrics offered by the platform which will help them curate their strategies.

At the core of the project is the D2T token, which is required by users to unlock the full set of features offered by Dash2Trade. The free version of the platform does not require any D2T tokens but offers limited functionality. The starter subscription requires users to pay 400 D2T monthly, while the professional tier requires 1000 D2T.
Some of the most important Dash2Trade features are mentioned in the brief below.
●       Important trading signals: Dash2Trade provide very strong buy and sell opportunities through trading signals.
●       Presale launches: Dash2Trade helps users keep track of presales with their efficient scoring system which can shed light on where a particular project is heading.
●       Analysis of Social sentiment and on-chain: The platform’s social and on-chain data assists traders to stay ahead in the fast-moving crypto space.
●       Strategy building: With the help of the strategy builder tool, users can experiment with their own strategies and increase their trading performance.
●       Listing alerts: Users will be able to track exciting projects and tokens with the help of exchange listing alerts.
As the “Bloomberg terminal of crypto”, Dash2Trade’s presale has been quite successful and has now raised $4,127,402.9  out of a target of $5,166,000. The presale is currently in phase 2, with the price of tokens increasing as each level completes. Interested investors should thus hurry up and acquire tokens earlier on if they want them at cheaper prices.

IMPT.io is an innovative project that offers opportunities for users to acquire carbon credits. This gives them the option to purchase carbon credits on the IMPT.io marketplace or receive them while shopping. IMPT.io has already partnered with more than 10000 of the biggest brands and retailers to help their users offset their carbon footprint while shopping. Each brand working with IMPT.io determines the percentage of sales margin that will be allocated to the IMPT.io projects.
The sales margin is then held in the users’ account in the form of IMPT tokens till there is enough to purchase a carbon credit. Users can also directly purchase carbon credits directly from the carbon marketplace. IMPT.io allows users to sell, retire and hold their carbon credit as an investment. By burning carbon credits, users can also receive unique NFT collectables created by artists.
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Calvaria (RIA)
Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is the latest play-to-earn crypto game set in the afterlife. The game consists of three cities, each headed by factions which are all competing amongst themselves. Users are required to participate using NFT battle cards that represent characters from the factions. Each of them has different abilities and statistics related to their performance in battle.

Apart from this, Calvaria also offers a peer-to-peer marketplace to buy and sell NFT cards. Users can use the marketplace to customize their decks and prepare a particular strategy. It also enables investors to sell their NFT cards for money and add the rewards of playing the game. Calvaria also offers a DAO where players and investors receive votes in exchange for staking RIA tokens. This gives them a say in the development of the Calvaria ecosystem.

Investors are excited about Calvaria as it offers eRIA rewards to top players for winning battles. This gives players and investors the opportunity to have a chance at winning money just by playing. Calvaria players also get their own NFT battle cards which can be sold freely on the game’s marketplace at any time for profits. These NFTs are expected to appreciate in value as more players join the Calvaria ecosystem.

Future plans for Calvaria include developing a free-to-play version of their game to entice players into the ecosystem. The free version has a visible tracker that shows gamers their expected earnings if they played the game. At the moment, Calvaria has raised 1,117,674 USDT out of a target of 1,350,000 USDT in its presale.
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Tamadoge (TAMA)
Everyone in the cryptocurrency landscape is aware of the NFT and meme coin craze in 2021. However, Tamadoge, a new project aims to combine both these aspects and has already experienced a successful presale where it raised $20 million.
Tamadoge is based on a captivating P2E platform that is based on the popular Japanese collectable game called Tamagotchi. By combining elements of the metaverse, NFTs and P2E gaming, it has all the potential of moving forward after its presale.
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Polkadot (DOT)
Polkadot is a relatively new cryptocurrency project which is threatening to dethrone other large projects from the rankings. Polkadot makes itself different by offering Parachains or parallel chains – a series of connected blockchains. Polkadot is thus multichain which has blockchains running alongside each other to speed up the process.

This creates multiple lanes to complete transactions which leaves room for networks to be overloaded. Polkadot’s blockchain network is also flexible allowing it more room to pivot and serve more specific needs.

PancakeSwap (CAKE)
PancakeSwap is a DEX based on Binance Smart Chain, launched by an anonymous group of developers. The DEX is built on top of the Binance Smart Chain as it makes transactions much cheaper. The project has community governance, giving users the ability to farm liquidity, provide tokens and incorporate other specific features which help it to stand out.

Launched back in 2020, the platform has been regularly audited by blockchain security companies such as Certik and Slowmist. Additionally, it employs an automated maker model which means that there are no order books where traders are directly matched with someone else. For added security, all trading activity occurs against a liquidity pool.

The world of cryptocurrencies is a fast-moving one, with a lot of projects coming up the ranks. For adventurous investors who want to diversify beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum, taking a look at trending cryptocurrencies and their underlying functionalities always helps. The aforementioned projects have all shown immense potential for growth even when the cryptocurrency market is slowly recovering.

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