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Top Crypto News & Updates Websites to Visit Regularly in 2023

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Cryptocurrency news websites are the most tenacious information sources on the internet nowadays. Unfortunately, the repression of the burgeoning sector, which is just a few years old, has hampered some of the industry’s most popular news websites.

Nonetheless, some websites escaped the search engine ban on bitcoin and digital currency sites. Despite a sharp reduction in traffic, these survivors have emerged as the finest crypto news websites for both investors and beginners.

The blockchain and cryptocurrency industries owe a great deal to these bitcoin news websites for their role in increasing crypto public acceptance via entertainment and education. The following are the top 20 greatest cryptocurrency news websites on the internet.

Here are a few popular crypto news websites:

  1. DataDrivenInvestor — https://www.datadriveninvestor.com/
  2. CoinDesk — https://www.coindesk.com/
  3. DDI Publication — https://medium.datadriveninvestor.com
  4. Coin Telegraph — https://cointelegraph.com/
  5. Bitcoin.com — https://news.bitcoin.com/
  6. Ethereum World News — https://ethereumworldnews.com/
  7. MakeAnAppLike — https://makeanapplike.com/
  8. CryptoSlate — https://cryptoslate.com/
  9. Cointelegraph Japan — https://cointelegraph.jp/
  10. CCN — https://www.ccn.com/

It’s always a good idea to read from multiple sources and do your own research before making any investment decisions.

DataDrivenInvestor is one of the fastest-growing tech and finance communities on the planet. According to Similar Web, DDI has a global rank of 42,921 out of millions of sites. In terms of site authority, datadriveninvestor.com has a score of anywhere from 59 to 77, from various sources (Moz, Semrush, or Ahrefs).

On medium.com, DDI Medium is ranked 101st, among 13k publications.

Combining the 2 sites, DDI has a readership of approximately 1.35–2 million readers monthly from 95 countries around the world, according to google analytics and also editorial statistics from medium.com

Source: DDI

CoinDesk is one of the greatest cryptocurrency news websites, as well as one of the most trusted voices in the industry. Since 2013, CoinDesk has been reporting cryptocurrency news, statistics, events, and indexes. Initially, it concentrated on the bitcoin sector.

To that purpose, it hired Jon Matonis as a contributing editor. Matonis is a Bitcoin Foundation co-founder. CoinDesk provided helpful advice to Bitcoin investing in its early years of publication.

The bitcoin news website was also well-known for its ground-breaking State of Bitcoin report. It is the go-to destination for major altcoin videos, analysis, and live price updates. Use this well-organized website to find worldwide news about blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Nashville, Tennessee serves as the home office for The Bitcoin Magazine. The Bitcoin Magazine is produced by BTC Media LLC, a media production firm whose main goal is to foster hyperbitcoinization via knowledge and information.

In 2015, BTC Media LLC acquired the publication. Having said that, Bitcoin Magazine is considered one of the top cryptocurrency news publications of all time and one of the most influential. It is also the first big article on cryptocurrencies.

CoinTelegraph is a newspaper dedicated to cryptocurrency and blockchain news. They provide breaking news, guides, expert opinion pieces on the most recent projects, as well as content handpicked by their team of journalists.

This website is ideal for anybody looking to obtain a solid understanding of the space. Its user interface is well-organized, and it’s an excellent location to begin your study!

CoinTelegraph features a cryptocurrency tracker that shows current coin values as well as 24-hour changes. It is an amazing site if you want to get all of the most recent news regarding crypto projects in one place.

NewsBTC provides users with top and high-quality crypto news, reviews, insights, and technical analysis to help them learn about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They also talk about blockchain ventures, legislative changes, and crowd sales.

The bloggers behind the news source, which was founded in October 2013, know the demands of the crypto community, which includes enthusiasts, amateurs, traders, and interested spectators. They also report on Bitcoin mining, exchanges, and cryptocurrency price predictions.

This well-known news source covers every facet of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Considering that TodayOnChain compiles news from a variety of sources, you may find a multitude of blockchain-related news here.

TodayOnChain serves as more of a news aggregator, providing you with the most recent blockchain and cryptocurrency news.

Forbes is a well-known publication that has revolutionized the online business world. Media and entertainment are linked with its brand. The magazine debuted in 2017, and shortly after, a digital version was added. A renowned journal that covers all facets of the DLT industry is Forbes.

Forbes introduced Forbes Crypto, a brand of digital news delivery for blockchain, to advance their area of expertise. Everything about cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technology is covered by Forbes Crypto.

With articles, videos, podcasts, starting tips, and trading tools, Cryptonews offers a complete crypto experience. You receive a section devoted to the crypto sector as well as a price tracker that displays the buying and selling prices of major currencies from several exchanges.

Finally, this crypto news information website provides something for everyone, from a hectic Monday morning to a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

Media released Decrypt in 2018. ConsenSys, founded by Joseph Lubin, provided funding. ConsenSys is a New York-based blockchain technology software platform. Decrypt is an independent blockchain industry media brand that focuses on Ethereum and Bitcoin news as well as the global effect of blockchain technology.

Its primary emphasis is decentralization, and it contains educational news and opinion articles on trustless networks, oracles, privacy, and the most influential industry figures.

Hacker Noon is a tiny, scattered crew dedicated to making the internet a better place by publishing free, high-quality tech news — free of paywalls, pop-up advertisements, or a feeling of entitlement. It is an open and multinational community of 15,000+ contributing authors who post articles and share their technical skills.

Although the newspaper is not entirely devoted to cryptocurrency, its authors often write on Defi, NFTs, blockchain, and the metaverse.

Blockonomi was founded in 2017 and has expanded rapidly. It covers all areas of the blockchain economy, with an emphasis on providing readers with the most recent news. Blockonomi is also a great place to get lessons, reviews, and instructive articles about the cryptocurrency sector. Aside from informative guidelines, Blockonomi is an excellent source of smart contract news.

CryptoPotato is another excellent resource for all things crypto. The site’s design is simple yet of exceptional quality. More significantly, the bitcoin blog provides items regularly, ranging from news to recommendations. They also provide suggestions, so if you want to keep current in the crypto industry, you should join their newsletter.

AMBCrypto is primarily a cryptocurrency news website that also features in-depth analysis and articles on a variety of alternative cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. Even though it was just established in 2018, it has quickly become one of the most visited websites about cryptocurrencies. They go carefully into each topic, and as a result, the information they provide is often quite straightforward, especially when assessing.

A Investopedia is a renowned journal that provides a wealth of information on both classic and emergent financial products. Since its inception in 1999, it has helped users make educated financial choices by clarifying complicated issues and disseminating breaking news and ideas.

With digital currencies becoming a popular investment tool, the website offers a section dedicated to cryptocurrency news. It also offers courses in trading and investing to assist users to go from amateurs to professionals.

Coinspeaker is one of the greatest crypto news websites, keeping you up to date on all the newest developments in the crypto sector.

The articles on this site are routinely updated and offer professional advice from crypto specialists who give their thoughts on various subjects like investing strategies and how to effectively start an ICO. This makes it ideal for anyone interested in learning more about cryptocurrency investment.

To deliver honest and factual news, CryptoSlate is a well-known news site in the cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology sectors.

It was established in 2017 and is a journalism and media company with offices in Seattle.

Despite being a relatively new news outlet, CryotoSlate has recently attracted significant industry attention. In addition to news on cryptocurrencies, CryptoSlate offers details on ICOs, cryptocurrency rankings, and events.

U.Today, founded in 2017, is a worldwide media company located in Dubai devoted to assisting people in understanding the next generation of technology and how it will impact our future.

The objective of U.Today is to serve the growing community of enthusiasts, experts, and newcomers who study, utilize, and create cutting-edge technology while adhering to the key journalistic standards of clarity, truth, and independence.

Coinmonks is a non-profit educational cryptocurrency publication. Its website provides information on current events, cryptocurrency trading bots, hardware wallets, cryptocurrency tax software, and crypto lending platforms.

Coinmonks’ Twitter account leads them to Coincodecap, their cryptocurrency news website. It also maintains its NFT collection. Meanwhile, its YouTube channel is chock-full of daily bitcoin news recaps, interviews, and educational videos.

CCN is a simple and stylish blog that covers a range of crypto-related subjects including bitcoin, blockchain technology, and important industry events. This website is for you if you want straightforward designs with truthful news.

If you want to take a little vacation from crypto, there are additional news stories in politics and sports. The good news is that several of these subjects also deal with cryptocurrencies, so you won’t be too far from home.

In addition to its exceptional design and a steady stream of high-quality information, Crypto Briefing is a shining example of a top bitcoin blog for another crucial factor — its objective. It was developed to highlight genuine cryptocurrency users and help to get rid of fraudsters.

Bitcoinist is a Bitcoin news service that provides breaking news, recommendations, price updates, and commentary on decentralized digital currency and blockchain technology. It is the most comprehensive source of…

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