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Top Crypto Accelerator Programs for 2023

As the crypto industry continues to grow and evolve, many entrepreneurs and developers are seeking ways to accelerate the growth of their projects. One way to do this is by participating in a crypto accelerator program. These programs provide startups with resources, mentorship, and funding to help them succeed. In this article, we will gonna tackle some of the top crypto accelerator programs for 2023.

What is a Crypto Accelerator Program?

A Crypto Accelerator program provides support, mentorship, resources, and funding to early-stage crypto and blockchain-based startups. These programs are designed to help startups grow and scale their business, develop innovative blockchain solutions, and accelerate their entry into the crypto industry. These programs typically run for a fixed period, during which startups receive intensive support and mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs, industry experts, and investors, and access to resources such as office space, legal and accounting services, networking opportunities, and funding. Participating in these programs can be highly beneficial for startups as they provide necessary resources and support to overcome common challenges faced by early-stage companies, validate their business models, refine their product offerings, and prepare for future funding rounds.

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Top Crypto Accelerator Programs for 2023

#1) Iconic Lab Accelerator

Iconic Lab Accelerator is a startup accelerator program that focuses on blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. It is based in Berlin, Germany and provides funding, mentorship, and resources to help startups grow and succeed. Iconic Lab Accelerator Berlin was founded in 2017 and has since helped numerous blockchain startups to develop and launch their projects.

The program typically runs for around three months and provides startups with access to a range of resources, including office space, legal and accounting support, and a network of experienced mentors and advisors. In addition to these resources, startups receive funding in exchange for equity in their company. Iconic Lab Accelerator also helps startups to prepare for future funding rounds and provides support with business strategy, product development, and marketing.

Iconic Lab Accelerator has a strong focus on blockchain and crypto-related projects, making it an excellent choice for startups in this space. The program has a strong network of industry experts and investors who can provide valuable guidance and connections.

#2) Celo Camp Blockchain Accelerator

Celo Camp is a virtual blockchain accelerator for startups and companies building apps on the Celo blockchain who share the vision of global financial inclusion. The accelerator is an eight-week online program that provides participants with mentorship from experts in crypto, blockchain, and social impact, funding opportunities, access to Celo’s grants and community, and customized guidance and support to help them scale their ventures . Celo Camp aims to foster ideation and creation of a monetary system that creates conditions of prosperity for all. Since 2020, Celo Camp has hosted three batches of teams from various countries such as Kenya, Brazil, China, and more .

#3) Boost VC

Boost VC is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage sci-fi tech companies, including deep tech, crypto, VR/AR, robotics, AI/ML, biotech, space tech, ocean tech, and more. The firm has invested in over 300 companies from over 30 countries. Boost VC also runs a three-month accelerator program twice a year in San Mateo, California, where it provides portfolio companies with the dominant network of peers, mentors, investors, media, and potential clients in both sectors it operates in: blockchain and virtual reality. Boost VC’s mission is to empower entrepreneurs who are building the future of technology.


Participating in a crypto accelerator program can be a great way for startups to accelerate the growth of their projects. Iconic Lab Accelerator,Celo Camp and Boost VC are all excellent options to consider. These programs offer funding, mentorship, and access to strong networks of mentors and advisors who can help startups navigate the challenges of the crypto industry.

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