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Top 7 Crypto YouTubers To Follow in 2022

As the craze of cryptocurrencies is increasing among the masses, so is the need for content related to crypto. While the demand for crypto content is on the rise, there aren’t many trusted crypto channels that can supply genuine high-quality content.

YouTube is a great learning platform when it comes to crypto simply because you can find awesome content creators for free. If you want to start learning more about this latest asset class then we have compiled a list of Top 7 Crypto YouTubers to follow in 2022.

Top 7 crypto YouTubers to follow in 2022

  1.   Mike Jenkins: Mike Jenkins is the face of the most popular YouTube channel for all things crypto, Coin Bureau. Coin Bureau is one of the best YouTube channels if you want to expand your knowledge of the crypto ecosystem. Mike Jenkins delivers videos that are full of information about various types of cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Solana, and Polkadot as well as new and emerging blockchains.

    Coin Bureau’s commitment to high-quality videos is so strong that it doesn’t run any third-party ads on its channel keeping it secure from outside influence. The channel currently boasts a 2M strong subscriber base.
  2.   BitBoy Crypto: Ben Armstrong created the BitBoy Crypto YouTube channel in 2018 and is growing like wildfire ever since. BitBoy Crypto focuses on delivering the latest news in the crypto universe. It also does project reviews. The subscribers of the BitBoy Crypto pay great heed to the cryptocurrency trading advice given on the channel and this is the reason that within a short span of time BitBoy Crypto has grown to have a thriving community of 1.5M active subscribers.
  3.   Altcoin Daily: Aaron and Austin Arnold are brothers and Bitcoin fundamentalists. They run their YouTube channel, Altcoin Daily, which focuses on market analysis and news from the crypto universe. The brothers also conduct occasional interviews with leading voices from the cryptoverse and provide great insights to their subscribers.

    Austin brothers have a unique perspective and they often upload opinionated videos which are refreshing and insightful. They also use Altcoin trading as a way to build their Bitcoin stack. Aaron and Austin put up videos almost every day on their channel and have grown to become one of the most important influencers in the crypto space. Their current subscriber base is 1.3M and it’s growing with every passing day.
  4.   CryptosRUs: If you are looking to get into crypto trading and want crypto news as well as chart analysis then CryptosRUs is the channel for you. The face of the channel is George. George has been in the crypto space for well over a decade now and has been sharing his knowledge of the cryptoverse. He began talking about crypto in 2013 and during those early years, he used to answer questions related to crypto on Quora. This carried on for four long years and then in 2017, George decided to kick things up a notch and created his YouTube channel. The channel CryptosRUs covers crypto news as well as chart analysis. George also released his NFT recently which is named I Am George and it has 1000 unique pieces. CryptosRUs currently has a subscriber base of 619,000.
  5.   Ellio Trades Crypto: If you are interested in lesser-known cryptocurrencies that may pose a higher risk but also have a potential for astronomic returns then Ellio Trades Crypto is the channel you should certainly check out. The specialty of this channel is its presentation and detailed analysis of Altcoins. Ellio has a knack for unearthing hidden gems in the cryptocurrency space.

    He focuses on small-cap cryptocurrencies and helps his subscribers find out deals that have significant money-making potential. Ellio Trades Crypto currently has a subscriber base of 589,000 and the rate at which this channel is growing means that Ellio Trades Crypto is certainly one of the biggest players in the influencer marketing domain for cryptocurrencies.
  6.   Crypto Banter: If you like live streaming and want to learn about cryptocurrencies and blockchains from experts live then Crypto Banter is just the channel you have been looking for. The four whales of the channel are Cryptomanran, Mark Yusko, Raoul Pal, and Yoni Assia. These guys talk about all things crypto from currencies to blockchains to DeFi and NFTs.

    The show is always full of fun and humor and also knowledge packed. Crypto Banter has hosted many leading crypto figures from billionaires to thought leaders of the space. The show gives valuable insights to its viewers and helps them make informed decisions in the crypto space. The channel is growing rapidly and boasts a subscriber base of well over 556,000.


  1.   Lark Davis: If you get bored of too much theory and would like to watch a channel that gives knowledge in a light-hearted and funny way then look no further than Lark Davis. This YouTuber is known for his awesome presentation style that is full of jovial humor. But just because Lark Davis is funny doesn’t mean that his content lacks quality or insight. In fact, Lark Davis is one of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to the crypto-verse, and his content is of absolute quality.
    Lark is based in New Zealand and through his channel, he imparts knowledge as well as gives recommendations to his viewers. Lark also conducts QnA sessions with leading figures in the crypto space and teaches his audience to make money through Bitcoin. Lark Davis’s YouTube channel currently has a 488,000-strong subscriber base.

Why follow these YouTubers?

YouTube today is filled with crypto influencers and not all of them may be the best at providing you with quality content, but the seven channels we have listed above are certainly the best in their class. These channels offer brilliant insights to their viewers.

If you are looking to broaden your crypto knowledge horizon, you need to check out these YouTubers and their channels. Crypto is a rapidly growing space and it’s often hard to keep up with all the developments, but these channels certainly have got it covered for you.

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