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Time Ticking Metaverse Sneakers & NFT Art

Essentials open edition and physical

Open edition still open for the next 14hrs

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“Essentials” is an artwork by VESA about wellbeing fundamentals. The Flower of Life pattern is a foundational building block of the material universe, and our bodies are 60% water. The modern stress levels are epidemic levels, so filling our digital spaces with things offering us solace feels valuable. The soundtrack is by the pioneering web3 musician Qvantvm. Music NFTs are thought to be the next big thing, and in the VESA ecosystem there is one musician above the rest when it comes to creating transformative, transcending soundscapes as the perfect match for VESA’s work. We celebrate our collab with Qvantvm and may there be many more to come ☀️

Check out Qvantvm here.

The work was curated for Nifty Gateway with NFT collector and the drop comprises of two versions; the motion NFT as an open edition and the 1/1 NFT that comes with a 1/3 acrylic physical print. The physical work has an AR element and a Bitcoin certification through Artivive App. Both versions are available via fiat or crypto.

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MUSURE x VESA sneakers in the Metaverse

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The seed for another interesting project was planted already years ago, when VESA attended an art gallery opening in the metaverse. It was an exciting night with colleagues and enthusiasts, and everyone attended as their avatars. Many of the people there had already hopped on the trend of digital items, and were sporting fashion, accessories, and extravagant extensions. Someone walked past with an 80’s style boombox as their head, and another one had exchanged a once boring arm for a rocket ship.

VESA entered the space, his name visibly above his stick-figure body, completely nude. In that moment, he understood the looming social change coming up in the space. In that moment it was clear that digital items are going to become popular for the same reasons they became popular in the real world.

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This experience still in his mind, VESA was curious when digital creative Tano approached him and proposed a collaboration to produce digital sneakers. The partnership was sealed, and now the result is launched as a part of MUSURE world, an interactive, gamified ecosystem where everyone is a creator, and your avatar can wear customizable sneakers. What makes the sneakers pop inside the MUSURE world are magic eggs called Origin Eggs. Inserting the egg inside the sneaker will activate the skins to come alive and make the sneakers collectible, equipped, and evolved.

As it’s been just a few short days since Art Dubai, where VESA was an exhibiting artist for the second year running, it is easy to see that a lot of digital art and NFTs are reflective of our hectic surroundings.
Our work cultures, our society at large, our media, all seem to be in a state of compressed frenzy with little serenity and peace. This is still the going aesthetic for a lot of digital art, where glitching and electric static is a common expression.

Until next time, keep the spirit high, even if USDC has us spinning some thought wheels.

Crypto & NFT Artist
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