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The People Will See The Value In Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work

This is an opinion editorial by Ulric Pattillo, contributor at Bitcoin Magazine and co-author of the Declaration of Monetary Independence.

A Note From The Author

It has been a bit over one year since my first article in Bitcoin Magazine. My heart was compelled to write what I felt my friends and family needed to hear. My writings are not overly technical or featuring groundbreaking news. My goal has been to create timeless content that makes multiple cases for Bitcoin adoption. I never sought a large following or admiration for my products. Rather, I revel in the news that I inspired someone to opt into the network or begin to advocate for the network themselves: this is my reward. Bitcoin Magazine provides a platform and a legitimacy to common plebs to propagate the stories about Bitcoin that would never be told by traditional or even “crypto” outlets. They guard that opportunity under the exclusive banner of journalistic credentials. Consequently, the magazine has channeled the spirit of Bitcoin in their publication method leading to a uniquely powerful and humble impact on its readers.

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