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The 5 Best Crypto Blogs In India

The 5 Best Crypto Blogs In India

A list of the 5 best crypto blogs you can find in India

In crypto, awareness is everything. As a trader, you will need easy-to-understand, comprehensive, and regularly updated information to help with investment decisions. That’s why we are bring you a list of the 5 best crypto blogs you can find in India.

No more crypto jargon. And no need to scavenge for information across platforms. These 5 crypto blogs and their meaty and up-to-date content should help you jumpstart your crypto journey.


Not everyday will you chance upon a crypto blog that manages to produce content on the most recent developments with the most thoughtful, pause-worthy reads. That’s what makes this crypto blog by Indian’s largest crypto investing platform CoinSwitch worth every second of your time. From daily crypto news pieces and market updates to explainers, interviews, and opinion pieces, Switch has it all.

With the mission of making sense of modern money, this open-to-all blog is sure to make crypto easier for everyone. It even brings back the fun of investing. The examples and analogies help you remember stuff and make for pretty enjoyable reading.

The reader experience is also top-notch. At Switch, you will find a variety of sections to help you through every stage of your crypto journey. There is also a glossary that helps you make learning simpler. Despite being run by a crypto platform, the blog has a bonus Personal Finance segment to help you with all aspects of your financial journey and encourage portfolio diversification.

Best Feature: Switch takes the pride of place in our list because there truly never is a dull moment as you learn the ropes of the crypto space. The variety of content and user-friendliness is also commendable.

Bitinning Blog

Setting the jargon aside, this blog will help you identify and focus on the important bits. Aimed at new and budding crypto enthusiasts, Bitinning does a pretty good job of simplifying complex topics. But it does have something for the experienced reader too.

They serve up a decent spread here—from talks on DAOs and NFTs to DeFi-related insights. Some of their content buckets are Bitcoin, Crypto, and Web 3.0.

Every article on Bitinnning leads you to useful resources or original sources, so it’s a good place to start.

Best Feature: There are two things that stand out here: the simplicity and the content filtering option. The latter lets you feed in the exact date range to look for topics published in the given time frame.


This publication run by Coingape—a crypto firm based out of Gurugram, Haryana—is a rather useful little crypto resource. Elaborate and timely, the articles on this crypto- and blockchain-focussed blog are likely to be quite useful to a wide variety of readers.

Coingape seems to be catering to crypto enthusiasts and investors alike with its detailed articles, in-depth analysis, and explainers! The articles are meant to help traders make informed decisions.

In addition to covering all the latest blockchain trends, Coingape even publishes crypto project reviews and interviews with crypto experts.

Best Feature: Coingape’s crypto news coverage is rather exhaustive. Also, the detailed and prompt price analysis pieces it puts out are worth a look.


Timeliness and credibility are the key traits of any good crypto blog. And the Unocoin blog has both. Its well-researched pieces of content make it a reliable resource while trying to build crypto awareness.

The articles are not just vetted by professionals, they are also elaborate and easy to follow. Even the most complex crypto topics are presented very simply, without compromising on the details.

Plus, the contributors here talk about the most impactful crypto topics.

Best Feature: There is a wide variety of content. However, unlike others, the Unocoin blog seems to be focussing on deep dive pieces.


Last but not least, Coinfunda is one of the more popular India-specific crypto blogs. The most interesting thing about Coinfunda is that the blog covers a lot of trending topics—from crypto wallets, mining platforms, crypto trading, and ICOs, to the moves of specific coins.

Unlike some other crypto blogs in India, Coinfunda updates and publishes content regularly. This emphasis on recency is also evident from its “Recent and Popular” category tab. This blog is going to be especially useful if you are a day trader or are into short-term investments.

Best Feature: If you are into crypto mining, you will find some great pieces on the topic here. Plus, this blog has some great listicles to help you pick wallets, trading bots, payment gateways, and so on.

To sum it up for you, Switch’s daily dose of crypto news, accessible glossary, and trend-specific crypto explainers put it in a league of its own. But if round-the-clock news pieces are what you seek, Coingape is also a reliable resource. The Bitinning Blog, on the other hand, is a good resource for beginners, and the Unocoin blog and Coinfunda bring you some interesting articles on niche topics.

That brings us to the end of this article and hopefully to the start of your research process. As they say, you can lead a horse to the water… So here’s hoping that you will follow some of these blogs and jumpstart your crypto journey today. Happy reading!

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