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The 10 Best Crypto Podcast to tune in for 2023

Crypto podcasts are truly becoming go-to resources for newbies and seasoned experts alike to access the latest news and trends about crypto-related affairs. From the crypto boom in 2021 to stories of fallen crypto empires in 2023, the industry has grabbed eye-widening headlines. 

With the crypto space constantly evolving, there is always new information surfacing and updates being thrown at us with little to no track of what happened in between. 

There are several outlets to keep up to date with the latest developments in cryptocurrencies and the blockchain; like news websites, articles, journals, webinars, and social media. However, crypto podcasts top the list as it’s the source that gives you huge spectrums of expert opinions that resonate with your skill and interest level.

Not only are crypto podcasts informative but also provide insight into experts’ own experiences in the industry, along with practical methods of investment and trading strategies. 

With thousands of crypto podcasts, it becomes challenging to choose the best among all. To make this task easier for you, we have narrowed it down to the best of the best crypto podcasts to introduce you to some of the biggest and brightest minds in the crypto investment world. It’s time to check out the top crypto podcasts!

1. The Bad Crypto Podcast

The Bad Crypto Podcast

In contrast to its name, ‘The Bad Crypto Podcast’ is incredibly good in providing helpful insight into crypto price movements and general news surrounding the space. It’s the best crypto podcast for 2023, as it never skips on any information related to crypto market sentiments and tendencies. 

Its first episode streamed in 2017, and it continued to release two episodes each week. Over 700 episodes of “The Bad Crypto Podcast” have been released so far.

If you have already invested in crypto, then ‘The Bad Crypto Podcast’ is what you need. Co-hosts Joel Comm and Travis Wright are crypto experts that have great views on how to sail your boat in bullish and bearish market conditions. 

Searching about the most famous crypto on Spotify or whatever platform will only lead you to ‘The Bad Crypto Podcast’, quite the pun! In case you prefer entertaining crypto podcasts over sophisticated no-punchline ones, you must listen to them for expert views on a wide range of coins in the market.

2. What Bitcoin Did

What Bitcoin Did

In the list of our best crypto podcast 2023, ‘What Bitcoin Did’ stands strong with its vast audience and crypto big guns from the broader community. Its host Peter McCormack is quite famous for providing educational content about Bitcoin’s role in solving the shortcomings of the existing financial system. 

His expertise in modern-day economics and decentralized finance will give you a deeper understanding of Bitcoin and blockchain. ‘What Bitcoin Did’ has featured influential personalities including Michael Saylor, Adam Back, and El Salvador President Nayib Bukele.

If you are preparing yourself to dip your toes in crypto space, you can binge-listen from the very first episode aired in 2017 to over 500 episodes. It is a tri-weekly crypto podcast. You will find hundreds of key takeaways, as it’s basically a beginner’s guide to bitcoin.

Regardless, his show provides immense knowledge on Bitcoin for both crypto enthusiasts and amateurs. Along with it, you also get to understand thought-provoking topics ranging from Cannabis to Censorship, Libertarianism to the Lightning Network, and Sex Workers to Segwit2x.

3. Crypto 101

Crypto 101

When we talk about the best crypto podcast for 2023, the names Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone pop up, who have engraved “Crypto 101” in the minds of tech folks. ‘Crypto 101’ is a top crypto podcast that aims to educate average investors and traders to capitalize on the crypto craze.

Most of the time, newcomers find it difficult to get their heads around financial jargon, slang, and tech lingo. Paul and Malone break down complex crypto concepts into easy-to-understand actionable investment strategies. Till now, it has released almost 500 episodes with a frequency of 1 episode a week since July 2017.

If you have a knack for learning about different blockchain projects and the disruptive fintech industry then head on to ‘Crypto 101’. Bryce Paul is a co-founder at Tower 18 Capital hedge fund and has co-authored ‘Crypto Revolution: Your Guide to the Future of Money’ with Aaron Malone, the founder of Collective Ventures.

Given the background of both hosts, ‘Crypto 101’ becomes the authentic source for novice investors who are seeking humbling and motivating stories to get started. 

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4. Stephan Livera Podcast

Stephan Livera Crypto Podcast

Stephan Livera Podcast is not only among the best cryptocurrency podcasts but is also one of the longest-running crypto podcasts, having first aired in 2018. It releases 2-3 episodes per week. This podcast is definitely for more intermediate-advanced crypto investors who were early adopters of bitcoin.

Nevertheless, Stephan Livera Podcast targets various crypto-related topics such as mining, halving, energy consumption, blockchain technology, software, and many more. This makes it a perfect show for all bitcoin enthusiasts to get their perfect fill of authentic opinions on crypto topics.

Well, its host Stephen Livera is known for providing educational interviews about economics, the Austrian economy, libertarianism, the macro, and bitcoin, of course. His show has a 4.9-star average across 600+ ratings globally and over 3 million downloads. Putting these stats forward is our humble way to say, it’s one of the best crypto podcasts out there!

5. The Pomp Podcast

The Pomp Podcast

Speaking of stats and facts, some episodes of ‘The Pomp Podcast’ have been downloaded more than 20 million times. And why not tune in, when the show is popular for giving a raw bite into the current market scenario? 

In our list of top 10 crypto podcasts for 2023, ‘The Pomp Podcast’ has secured its place in educating crypto players about fintech, entrepreneurship, economics, and more. It released new episodes almost daily, and till now, it has aired around 1141 episodes. “The Pomp Podcast” was launched in May 2018.

The host Anthony Pompliano, along with guests from diverse fields, carefully walks the listener through every little change crypto brings to businesses and the economy. You will find everyone from self-made tech tycoons to influential billionaires, who tell noteworthy stories about how they succeeded in their crypto journey. 

Tune in to this best podcast in cryptocurrency to stay ahead of the curve while also getting experts’ insights served right on your plate. Basically, The Pomp Podcast is recognized as an eye-opening show for those new to the industry. So what’s keeping you from knowing minute-to-minute crypto updates?

6. Unchained

Unchained Crypto Podcast

If you have long been wondering, what’s the best crypto podcast for beginners then you just got your answer. It’s ‘Unchained’. Launched in 2016, it releases two or three episodes a week, and till now it has aired 400+ episodes in total. It is among the top trending crypto podcasts globally in terms of consistency and for inviting guests from various backgrounds.

The diversity in expert opinions and insights will truly amaze you. What makes Unchained the best crypto podcast is its quality in providing all sorts of Web3 topics. Unlike other podcasts that cover only blockchain and crypto, it dives deeper into the regulatory aspect of crypto, NFTs, metaverse, and a lot more web3 content.

Its host Laura Shin, author of “The Cryptopians” is consistent in featuring guests that are actively contributing to the crypto and web3 space. If you are new to this rapidly growing crypto arena, you’re going to really dig into the guest’s story in order to bring out the best learning opportunities. 

7. Bankless

Bankless Crypto Podcast

In our handpicked list of top 10 crypto podcasts, ‘Bankless’ is the show that quickly gained authority and popularity in the crypto investing podcast space. If you are thinking of investing in crypto, NFTs, and other digital assets, then you should start listening to the ‘Bankless’ podcast.

A new episode of “Bankless” drops every Monday, and till now it has released over 150 episodes since its launch in 2020.

This show is full of insights on DeFi, blockchain, trading tactics, and crypto finance opportunities. From crypto news coverage to crypto finance, Bankless encourages its users to be what its name claims!

Uncertainty looms over the crypto industry whether it’s a sudden collapse or skyrocketing prices. Bankless hits all aspects of scenarios that the crypto market might undergo. If you somehow missed out on what has happened this year then Bankless’ latest year-wrap episode is around the corner. Tune in to one of the best crypto podcasts and strategize your crypto investments for 2023

8. Epicenter

Epicenter Podcast

The definition of the best crypto podcast hasn’t changed for a decade, it has always been Epicenter. This show is purely based on educating the crypto community about technological developments, social and economic crypto issues, and controversial topics in the industry.

The Epicenter podcast launched in late 2013 and has 500+ episodes to date. It releases a new episode each week.

Epicenter provides all the necessary information that there is in the crypto space without hyping or severely doping the fact with baseless opinions. This crypto podcast mostly invites game-changing crypto players to the interviews such as developers, founders, and builders. 

It breaks down the biggest crypto stories, into useful nuggets of information which otherwise become confusing if self-analyzed. To uncomplicate the crypto concepts, Epicenter covers a well-rounded roster of information, with plenty of real-life examples of crypto investments and trading. 

9. The Defiant

The Defiant

What makes ‘The Defiant’ one of the best crypto podcasts is its sophisticated approach to introducing guests’ insights to the audience, without entering into chaotic debate. Its host Camila Russo provides listeners with a neutral point to form their opinion on the subject. Several builders and users join this show, telling their stories firsthand.

The Defiant is among the oldest crypto podcasts, having launched in 2017. It has released 130 episodes so far, with new ones dropping every week.

At the same time, ‘The Defiant’ offers an unbiased platform to those who openly resist central authority and boldly encourage decentralized platforms. It’s more focused on spreading awareness of the different perks that DeFi platforms can provide.

Simply tune in to broaden your horizons with this top crypto podcast to be guided by experts, analysts, developers, and tech-savvy personalities. The upside of this crypto podcast is that it discusses the hottest DeFi news, market updates, and trends. 

10. The Nifty Show

The Nifty Show Podcast

Down the line of best crypto podcasts to follow in 2023, we have ‘The Nifty Show’. This podcast is from the hosts of “The…

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