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SmarDex Revolutionizes DeFi Landscape, Becomes Fastest Growing Ethereum Protocol with $30M

SmarDex Revolutionizes DeFi Landscape, Becomes Fastest Growing Ethereum Protocol with $30M TVL in 14 Days

Montreux, Switzerland, April 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A team of researchers, mainly from the esteemed École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), has introduced a revolutionary solution that has quickly gained traction in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. Their innovative approach to transforming Impermanent Loss into Impermanent Gain has attracted more than

$30 million in total value locked

(TVL) within just two weeks, making it the fastest-growing protocol on the Ethereum network.

Long considered a substantial barrier to entry for liquidity providers, Impermanent Loss has impeded the growth of the DeFi movement. The Swiss researchers’ discovery offers a novel way to tackle this challenge, potentially leading to a more secure, transparent, and inclusive financial system. The solution is detailed in a scientific article, which is among the most-read in its category on the Academia platform, and has been published on



By utilizing smart contracts and advanced algorithms, the researchers have developed a complex mechanism that mitigates the risks associated with Impermanent Loss. This mechanism, when integrated into decentralized finance platforms, not only protects liquidity providers from potential losses but also rewards them with Impermanent Gain in many instances. Consequently, SmarDex, the team behind smardex.io, has managed to address a significant obstacle for liquidity providers, unlocking new possibilities for the DeFi sector.

The implications of this discovery extend beyond DeFi, potentially impacting traditional financial institutions as well. By providing a more secure and efficient financial infrastructure, the researchers’ breakthrough could compel these institutions to adapt in response to the rapidly advancing DeFi ecosystem. Embracing decentralized, fully transparent exchanges could also help avoid future disasters like the one at FTX.

The widespread adoption of this innovation could lead to far-reaching effects on the global economy. Greater financial inclusion may result, as individuals and businesses previously excluded from traditional financial systems gain access to various services. Moreover, the large-scale implementation of this breakthrough could contribute to a more stable and resilient financial ecosystem, better equipped to handle economic shocks and crises.

As the world faces the challenges of centralized financial systems, the Swiss researchers’ innovation offers a new approach to decentralized finance that could have significant implications for the global economy. The rapid growth of their protocol, evidenced by the $30 million TVL milestone in just two weeks, underscores the impact their solution may have on the future of finance.

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