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Rocketize, Ethereum and Axie Infinity: 3 Cryptos to Watch in 2023

People nowadays seem pretty concerned about events taking place in the crypto industry. The market crash was a huge upset for many investors and later the FTX scandal affected token holders. The latest crypto news is filled with stories regarding declining crypto assets. The ongoing cryptocurrency winter also concerns many analysts, who predict it may last a few years. Do you have a chance of making a profit if things do not change soon?

Yes, those events should not affect your investment strategy if you are planning to buy new tokens. Rocketize (JATO) is an excellent prospect that may silence all critics and rule the meme token space in the future. As per many veteran analysts, it may even provide better profit than Ethereum (ETH) and Axie Infinity (AXS).

Rocketize: Prepared to Take a Giant Leap and Become the Most Valuable Meme Token

Meme tokens are cryptocurrencies inspired by popular memes. First, Dogecoin became popular and it was followed by the launch of many such dog-themed crypto assets. Investors want to see something fresh when they check the list of meme tokens and Rocketize is offering a unique alternative. The Rocketize platform is powered by the JATO Token which has been designed to promote creativity and support artists.

Rocketize believes memes will be used to communicate in the Web 3.0 moon age. Web 3.0 applications will be interoperable and highly scalable to deliver solutions that today’s dApps can’t provide. Rocektize aims to improve interoperability and data flow between distinct networks. It is currently exploring possibilities to be a bridge between distinct blockchain networks.

Why Do Investors Seem Interested In This New Token?

Rocketize will launch the JATO Token soon. This BEP-20 token has become popular among crypto investors before its launch because it can be a great source of passive income. As revealed in the whitepaper, the Rocketize platform will charge a 2% tax. One-half of that tax will be shared with token holders and another half will be burned to rescue supply.

If a user buys and holds a significant chunk of the max. supply of the JATO Token, he/she can gain additional tokens daily. Since Rocketize is expected to potentially soar in 2023, this community token may become a huge wealth generator for holders in the long term.

A great place to mint NFTs!

The Atomic Nation community will play a crucial role in forming the ROCKMint.
The Atomic Nation community will play a crucial role in forming the ROCKMint.

The Rocketize platform will organise special events for minting non-fungible tokens or NFTs. These events will benefit meme creators, artists, and other creative individuals. The Atomic Nation community will play a crucial role in forming the ROCKMint.

It will use cutting-edge web 3.0 applications to produce and store NFTs. Participants will require an entry card to take advantage of NFT minting events. Only JATO Token will provide access to those events. Therefore, thousands of users are expected to buy this token for NFT minting.

How to buy the Rocketize Token?

The following steps will help you buy the JATO Token.

Step 1: PC users should get the MetaMask crypto wallet and mobile users should download the Trust Wallet

Step 2: Go to the official web portal of the Rocketize project and click the “Enter Presale” option

Step 3: Connect your crypto wallet

Step 4: Swap your Ethereum/BNB/USDT Tokens to buy the JATO Token

Early buyers can claim an 8% or 12% bonus if they swap Ethereum or BNB/USDT tokens to buy the JATO Token. You should also take advantage of the first, second, or third presale stage bonus, which is 8%, 7%, and 4% respectively.

Ethereum: The World’s Second Most Valuable Asset Could Soon Dethrone Bitcoin

Ethereum will continue to attract developers, who prefer security and performance.
Ethereum will continue to attract developers, who prefer security and performance.

Ethereum has been the 2nd most valuable cryptocurrency since its launch. It is a smart contract-enabled blockchain network supporting many decentralised projects. Ethereum will continue to attract developers, who prefer security and performance. The Ethereum token may not be in the 2nd position much longer.

As per reports, it may have industrial applications along with financial usage in 2023. Paul Brody predicts Ethereum will grow much stronger and strengthen itself as a dominant player in the crypto industry in the upcoming months.

Axie Infinity: An NFT-powered Video Game Bringing Revolutionary Changes in the Gaming Industry

Sky Mavis has developed the Axie Infinity game. It became popular across the globe for its effort to push the concept of GameFi forward. This video game features Axies, which are fierce creatures. Those creatures love hunting, building, and fighting for treasure. Users can build a collection of Axies and use them across the in-game universe to emerge as a leader.

This game will reward gamers, who turn their in-game collectibles into NFTs and mint those NFTs. The AXS Token is the in-game currency and a governance token. Users can earn it while playing the game and decide the future development of the game. As per reports, Axie Infinity has advanced the Axie Contributor Initiative to decentralise decision-making. AXS Token holders will be able to make resourcing decisions across the Axie Infinity ecosystem.

Rocketize is far more useful and feature-rich than many existing meme coins. It has strong utility and could potentially deliver huge gains in the medium to long term.

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