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Rebranding The Plant: The Stoner DAO Legendary Lifestyle Kickoff Event

NFTs/Marketplace – Active & In progress

The exclusive 2,420 Stoner Punkz NFTs will serve as Stoner DAO memberships. Staking will allow investors to earn Solana through smart contracts currently in development. 100% of Stoner DAO royalties from the collection when fully minted will go back to the DAO members who stake their Stoner Punkz.   

Play to Earn Gaming- Active

NEKTR Legendary LEAF, the cannabis NFT play-to-earn mobile game is now available for Android and iOS download at the Google Play and Apple Stores! This game is a key revenue generation tool that will provide profit sharing for Full Stoner DAO Members (Stoner Punkz NFT and NEKTR token Holders).  

Commercial Development/Real Estate – Planned

The Stoner DAO-Villa/Resort by hotelFUBU 420 presentation will be exclusive to our August 10th kickoff, debuting our innovative commercial Real Estate hospitality development as an option for additional revenue generation for the DAO treasury.


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