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New Meme Coin Dogetti prepares to rival Ethereum and Theta’s Presale Successes

As we await Dogetti’s (DETI) presale information, we look into past successful launches in the cryptocurrency market, particularly on the Ethereum network. As the meme coin project looks to be launched right at the top of the charts, the developers will be looking to achieve similar presale successes as Theta Network (THETA), and Ethereum (ETH) had.

Both tokens recorded about $19 million each in their presales, breaking the market barriers even before they were listed on exchanges. Here’s a brief review of the tokens and Dogetti’s (DETI) progress so far.


Ethereum (ETH) was launched in 2015 following the successful establishment of DeFi in the financial market. The token was developed by Vitalik Buterin, founder of the Bitcoin Magazine, and it looked to provide a faster, more scalable network than Bitcoin.

The Ethereum (ETH) network initially ran on a proof of work protocol, incentivising the mining of tokens for the users. However, the protocol got too slow for the rapidly growing Ethereum community, and the network started experiencing lags. Also, the gas fees on the Ethereum blockchain got even more expensive, forcing the developers to create and launch sidechain networks like Polygon for users to conduct their transactions.

These developments called for an upgrade to a proof of stake protocol, which occurred late in 2022. The protocol is already functioning, and users hope the price of gas fees drops considerably even as speed on the network has improved.

Ethereum (ETH) thrives on the several blockchain services it offers to users and other token platforms. The network is home to several DApps, Web3 solutions, and applications that would improve blockchain experiences for users. It also hosts other tokens, saving them the costs of building another blockchain. Because of these, the Ethereum network is the most widely used interface in the cryptocurrency market, as it’s even further involved in Metaverse operations and NFT craft and trade.

Like every other coin, Ethereum (ETH) has been on the rise since the start of the bull run, as it now sells at $1675.88 on Coinbase.

Theta Network

Theta (THETA) is an innovative contribution to the blockchain, as it is the only platform to address streaming quality throughout the crypto space. The developers have managed to incentivise video and bandwidth sharing so that users can access videos and watch them with high-definition resolution. Edgecast is a key tool used for this purpose, as the users upload their videos for public access.

Theta Network (THETA) originally launched on the Ethereum blockchain in 2017, harnessing a collection of DApps to attain a $19 million presale event. The token has moved to a permanent blockchain but still maintains a connection with Ethereum, where it promotes its services to the vast user base.

Theta Network (THETA) runs on an altered proof of stage protocol called the Byzantine Fault Tolerance, which is an even faster modification of the regular proof of stake code. With BFT, transactions get validated within seconds, as there is a smaller team of validators attached to a larger guardian group. The speedy network is an instant attraction for mobile telecom corporations like Samsung that partnered with Theta.

THETA, the official token governing the network, sells for about $1.07 on Coinbase.


Given the regular successes associated with launches on the Ethereum network, Dogetti (DETI) will have a little problem listing at a great price on the cryptocurrency market. The token intends to leverage the vast user network, extensive DApps, and security of the mother blockchain to develop into a contemporary crypto platform.

A word from the developers indicates that Dogetti’s (DETI) starting features will include an exchange platform, an NFT store, and a DAO structure. The protocol is uncharacteristic for the average memecoin, but Dogetti (DETI) dares to be different, thus communicating the developers’ commitments to the long-term relevance of the token.

The exchange system, DogettiSwap, will provide an avenue for users to easily access DETI tokens by converting their assets from other token types on the Ethereum network. This initiative reduces the need to get to an exchange before getting DETI tokens. Also, the proximity of the exchange to Dogetti (DETI) makes it convenient for users to swap their coins anytime.

The NFT marketplace on Dogetti (DETI) is designed to allow users to access, create, and trade NFTs as artwork within and outside the network. The developers and users can create and launch their respective NFT projects on the site to allow more participation within the NFT market.

Dogetti (DETI) will soon hit the markets with its presale and launch events. Stay tuned for more updates from the developers.

To find out more about Dogetti, follow these links:

Presale: https://dogetti.io/how-to-buy

Website: https://dogetti.io/

Telegram: https://t.me/Dogetti

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_Dogetti_


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