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Neosify Crypto Reload: Rise of the Chosen Ones – Digital Journal

Neosify crypto wallet is not just a breath of fresh air for the crypto world – it is the revolution DeFi needed a long time ago.

Neosify crypto wallet is not just a breath of fresh air for the crypto world – it is the revolution DeFi needed a long time ago.

Decentralized finance does not need an introduction nowadays as every crypto investor knows what’ that about. Distributed digital solutions can make miracles due to the innovation all over it, but there is always one thing that makes it unreachable for the majority of users – inaccessibility caused by its excessive complexity.

About Neosify

Neosify is a crypto wallet that aims at providing a seamless DeFi experience. Neosify makes DeFi available for not just tech enthusiasts, but regular people – the DeFi innovation, user-friendly financial tools and improved CeFi security system are combined on one platform.

The Chosen ones – Neos – are those who become part of Neosify. Each of them are granted a free Neosify wallet and a Hash key to self-identify as part of the community. The Chosen ones’ purpose is to be part of bringing DeFi to mass adoption. Neosify believes that its widespread acceptance will shake up both banking and retail worlds, making the crypto world the next-generation financial environment.

Benefits of the Chosen ones

On Neosify, the Chosen ones can exit the simulation and unlock the true potential of their crypto assets. There are two strategies:

Holding assets on Neosify wallet. The basic strategy of earning APY. The Chosen ones are offered to create a free Neosify wallet and hold any cryptocurrency for 36.5% APY paid out daily.

Earning rewards. To make the entry point to DeFi easier, Neosify offers a GameFi reward-earning system. The Chosen ones can earn a native collateral-backed NEOS token by completing specific missions.

Matrix Technology

Matrix technology is no less than the heart of Neosify. The technology was designed to not only bring balance to the platform, but also provide liquidity via triangular crypto arbitrage.

Matrix technology uses an algorithm to scan hundreds of coin pairs simultaneously across 30 different centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges looking for price inefficiencies. Next, it sets the sell order and generates a profit by buying the pair on the exchange with the lowest price and then selling it wherever with the highest price.

The Architect, the Neosify creator, designed Matrix technology as the ultimate tool operating all over the crypto market. With finding price inefficiencies across crypto exchanges, Matrix technology helps crypto maintain its worth rather than lose its value. Neosify makes crypto as efficient as it can be, without wasting any of its potential.

Thus, Matrix technology takes over by performing automated crypto arbitrage and generating Neosify profits. The attractive Neosify APY rates are ensured by the cutting-edge algorithm based on the Oracle data management. Analyzing the relevant platform usage, the algorithm distribution principle allocates crypto interest rates in the most efficient way for both the platform liquidity and the Chosen ones.

The NEOS token

NEOS token is the Neosify platform reserve currency that can be earned through completing special missions. The token is pegged with the US dollar 1:1, providing a stable value that cannot fall below. Neosify shields the Chosen ones from the market volatility hits by providing a native platform stable coin.

It’s time to Wake Up

Neosify is the place where the Real World begins. The platform provides the opportunity to become independent from the simulation rules and unleash the true power of crypto, no matter the volatility or financial crisis. By bridging the gap between CeFi and DeFi, Neosify creates an ultimate crypto solution to reflect the future crypto market.

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