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Lugano Integrates Polygon Protocol into MyLugano Payment App for Crypto Transactions

Lugano and MyLugano App
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In a significant move towards solidifying its position as Europe’s emerging crypto-capital, Lugano city in the southern Switzerland Ticino region has seamlessly integrated the Polygon proof-of-stake (PoS) protocol into its crypto-friendly payment app, MyLugano.

Polygon, as revealed in a November 22 blog post, announced the successful integration of its PoS protocol into the MyLugano payment app, enabling Lugano residents to conduct transactions seamlessly within the broader Polygon ecosystem.

According to the announcement, the updated version of MyLugano introduces a cutting-edge multichain digital wallet for personal custody. The press release indicates that several tokens have already been integrated into this app section, with plans in place to incorporate more in the future.

Lugano has emerged as a global leader in crypto adoption with MyLugano, developed in collaboration with crypto company Tether, serving a substantial user base of 30,000 individuals, nearly half of the city’s population. This user-friendly app facilitates payments in digital currencies for local small- to medium-sized traders.

The MyLugano app, recognized with the prestigious IEEE Smart City Award, has enabled over 30,000 users to access a loyalty circuit through LVGA, the city’s proprietary stablecoin. The integration of Polygon PoS not only enhances MyLugano’s functionality as a local payment tool but also opens doors for users to explore a myriad of decentralized apps within the Polygon network.

MyLugano Expands Digital Presence with NFT Collection and Green Art Initiative

In a bid to further enhance its digital footprint, MyLugano, the crypto-friendly payment app of Lugano City, is set to launch a new Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection dedicated to the artistic work of Yuri Catania, as per the latest statement.

According to Polygon’s blog, the NFT collection, titled LVGA/XY Flowers, is a tribute to the collaboration between MyLugano and Lugano Living Lab. This innovative collection is inspired by a 40-meter-long, 8-meter-high art installation on the wall of the Palazzo dei Congressi. Noteworthy is the fact that several hundred people actively participated in the creation of this colossal work.

Employing the paste-up technique, the physical art piece is intentionally designed to fade away gradually. Over 2,000 paper flowers, intricately attached to the wall, are destined to transform into real flowers as they are transplanted into a newly designated green area. However, the essence of this unique art project is not confined to the physical realm alone.

In a forward-thinking move, MyLugano is ensuring that the LVGA/XY Flowers project lives on in the digital space as well. The art piece will be tokenized as NFTs on the Polygon network, each signed by the artist, Yuri Catania. These NFTs will be distributed to all those who actively contributed to the creation of the original physical installation, providing a lasting digital representation of their involvement in this unique artistic endeavor.

Lugano’s Ambitious Blockchain Transformation Gains Momentum with Polygon and Tether Support

The city of Lugano has ambitious plans to transform into Europe’s blockchain capital. As part of this vision, citizens and companies will be able to utilize Bitcoin, Tether, and LVGA to pay for various services, including annual taxes, parking tickets, public services, and student tuition fees. This move paves the way for cryptocurrencies to become legal tender in the city, with Polygon PoS facilitating key transactions.

Lugano has already made significant strides in the past few years to actualize its blockchain-centric vision. The city launched a digital wallet and a loyalty program based on LVGA points, offering residents a seamless and rewarding experience when using digital assets. Furthermore, Lugano introduced 3Achain, an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible city blockchain utilizing a Proof of Authority consensus mechanism intricately linked to the Ethereum network.

As the network provider for tens of thousands of decentralized apps (DApps) with $5 billion in secured assets, Polygon has been a key partner for Lugano since at least 2022. Initially serving as an infrastructure partner for the city’s stablecoin, LVGA, Polygon continues to provide its cutting-edge rails solution to support Lugano’s crypto endeavors.

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