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Is The Dogecoin Slump Just A ‘Blip’ Before A Rally? Here’s What Experts Say – Bitcoin

Popular memecoin Dogecoin DOGE/USD slipped about 10% on the heels that new Twitter owner Elon Musk has reportedly halted work on the social network’s crypto wallet.

But experts say the current slump is only a “blip” before a long-term rally on the back of increased use cases for the world’s eighth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

Ever since Tesla TSLA chief Musk — dubbed the “Dogefather” due to his frequent mentions of the cryptocurrency and engagement with its community — having completed the Twitter deal last week, Doge spiked 150% in value. That’s the highest it has been since April.

Musk recently tweeted a picture of a Shiba Inu sporting a Twitter t-shirt and a pumpkin bearing the Twitter logo, which also led to renewed enthusiasm among investors.

Also, Musk has discussed the possibility of using Dogecoin as a payment method.

Experts believe that the memecoin has performed well over the long term and that there could be a massive shift from Bitcoin BTC/USD mining to Dogecoin mining.

Dogecoin: Integral To Twitter’s X SuperApp Strategy

“The way Musk had brought payment utility to Dogecoin and enabled it to be a part of the Tesla merchandise ecosystem, it is obvious that Dogecoin will become integral to Twitter’s X SuperApp strategy,” says Sharat Chandra, VP of Research and Strategy, at EarthID. “The current correction in Dogecoin prices is a blip. The utility of Dogecoin in Twitter’s overall Web3 wallet and SuperApp play will increase manifold in the coming months. Therefore, Dogecoin prices might shoot north in the long term.”

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Correction In Prices Was Anticipated

Raj Kapoor, an advisor at several blockchain companies and the Founder and Chairman of the India Blockchain Alliance said that Dogecoin remains bullish over the medium term until it sustains above $0.1200, a 38.2% Fibonacci retracement level.

Four days of a winning streak led to its price increase by over 150% and, after a rally of such magnitude, a minor correction was anticipated, he explained.

“Investors could use every dip 20-25% dip in Dogecoin for medium to long-term buying, as with Elon at the helm of Twitter, it is very likely that the crypto will be promoted in all possible ways by him. Even if reports of a crypto wallet being put on hold by Twitter were true, I suspect it is only temporary. Apart from this several new use cases for Dogecoin are expected to come up shortly,” Kapoor said.

A Golden Era For Dogecoin

Anndy Lian, book Author of “NFT: From Zero to Hero,” expects to see Musk lead initiatives at Twitter that will drive the price of Dogecoin.

“Imagine enabling payment using Dogecoin for the new Twitter blue subscription at $8. This simple move for instance could push its price to new highs. This is more on the shorter term basis,” he says.

“Looking at the longer term, Dogecoin has survived and done well in multiple bull and bear cycles. Dogecoin is considerably faster and easier to mine than Bitcoin. It also has a lower mining difficulty. Based on the current price situation in the PoW mining space, there might be more miners switching to Dogecoin mining. This could be a new trend,” Lian adds.

Price action: Major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum ETH/USD are trading in the green and the 14th largest cryptocurrency Shiba Inu SHIB/USD is trading at over 4.5%, according to data from Benzinga Pro.

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