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If The Crypto Industry Is Down, Why Is Dr. Disrespect Launching His First Web3 Game,

Over the past year, we have all been fed the news that we were living in a cold and bitter crypto winter. That might have been true given all the dips and depressions some of our favourite coins suffered. It finally looks like we are out of the depths now. 

Think about it, if nobody was buying into crypto, why are creators pouring millions or even hundreds of thousands of dollars into the creation of web3 applications and games? 

Something big is coming in the crypto space and it is happening soon, or at least sooner than expected. It is time to be financially proactive and capitalize on the opportunity that this bull run affords, whether it is just passing by or here to stay. It is time to enter the crypto market through highly promising projects like Deadrop and Big Eyes Coin


Deadrop: A Combination Of Crypto, Tech, And Fun! 

Guy Beahm, a popular gaming YouTuber known as Dr. Disrespect, has launched his very first web3 shooter game, Deadrop. 

Deadrop is in its pre-alpha stage and surprisingly has very smooth graphics. This is not a pay-to-win game. But, you can pay to mint in-game NFTs to enjoy special character customization options and get early access to this first-person shooter game. 

The Deadrop NFTs are based on the polygon blockchain and can be purchased using ETH and, of course, MATIC. 

Deadrop has garnered tremendous popularity within the gaming community as the game is a culmination of PVP and PVE. Now, there are many other web3 first-person shooter games like Ev.io, Arsenal, and Mini Royal. However, out of the lot, Deadrop has surprisingly smooth graphics that can capture the attention of even the most seasoned of gamers! The gameplay is seamless and hence, even the sniping experience while playing this game is just mind-blowing. 

Source: Dr. Disrespect

Why Is Dr. Disrespect Launching A Web3 Game If Crypto Is In Downtrend? Is this an indication to invest in upcoming projects like Big Eyes Coin?

When winter hit, people were concerned about the legitimacy of cryptocurrencies. However, that is slowly but surely changing with the industry making huge steps to become recognised and respected amongst financial institutions and Countries such as El Salvador and the Central African Republic which just recently adopted Bitcoin (BTC) as legal tender. It is now apparent to all that this financial innovation is here to stay. 

Dr. Disrespect knows that. Hence, as the crypto market is welcoming new entrants every day, it is only natural that creators and entrepreneurs venture into this newfound market. 

Given the fact that we are officially out of the depths of crypto winter, a number of crypto whales believe that a bull market is right around the corner!

As more projects crop up in the crypto market anticipating the bull run, it is now the right time to seize the opportunity and invest in upcoming, highly promising projects like Big Eyes Coin. 

Why Is Big Eyes (BIG) A Good Opportunity To Invest Right Now?


Big Eyes Coin are one of the most popular meme coin projects in the crypto space right now. These guys have successfully raised about $32.52 million in their ongoing presale stage and are continuing to go strong! 

Now, this is not a sales pitch for Big Eyes Coin, but they are so cute that we can not help but talk about them! BIG does not levy any buy or sell tax and neither are they interested in making you pay any extra charges. Moreover, the Big Eyes Coin project is audited, and hence, is an investment option that is trustworthy. 

Given the amount of love and attention Big Eyes Coin is attracting these days, they are one of the best options to invest in before a bull trend. Raising $32.5 million in presales is quite a feat, isn’t it? 

If you are looking to ride the crypto rocket before it sets off, again, this would be the right time for you to get on board. Big Eyes Coin is giving away a 250% bonus to their presale subscribers. Use the code ‘Bullrun250’ to avail the limited-time bonus on their website.


Find out more about Big Eyes Coin (BIG):

Presale: https://buy.bigeyes.space/

Website: https://bigeyes.space/

Telegram: https://t.me/BIGEYESOFFICIAL

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