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Gamma.io Unveils Trustless Bitcoin Ordinals Marketplace

Launching the first seamless marketplace solidifying its position as the digital asset layer for Bitcoin

PALO ALTO, Calif., March 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Gamma.io, the trailblazer in the Bitcoin NFT space, today announced the launch of its trustless Bitcoin ordinals marketplace. Building on 18 months of experience and a deep understanding of the Bitcoin ecosystem, Gamma.io is committed to becoming the digital asset layer for Bitcoin, encompassing creator tools, marketplace, and API infrastructure.

Having spearheaded one of the first inscription services to market, Gamma.io has assisted creators in producing over 30,000 inscriptions on Bitcoin, representing nearly 10% of all inscriptions on the network. Their no-code launchpad and collection mints have successfully onboarded hundreds of creators and collections, all of which will be instantly tradable on the new marketplace.

“As Ordinals become the bright spot in this crypto winter, our trustless Bitcoin ordinals marketplace showcases our commitment to an exceptional web3-native experience,” said Founder and CEO, Jamil Dhanani. “By combining an open marketplace, cutting-edge creator tools, and seamless integrations with secure third-party wallet extensions, we’re going beyond users’ expectations in the evolving digital asset landscape.”

Gamma’s Bitcoin ordinals marketplace enables users to effortlessly create and trade ordinal inscriptions in a manner comparable to non-Bitcoin platforms such as OpenSea with MetaMask. Gamma.io acknowledges the significance of rapidly delivering a high-quality user experience to cater to the surging interest in Bitcoin ordinals.

Recently, Gamma.io launched its no-code creator platform for NFTs on native Bitcoin, through the use of ordinals. Gamma aims to become the de facto layer on Bitcoin for digital assets and has secured its position as the lead sponsor of the first-ever Ordinals conference and the first-ever Ordinals Art Gallery at Bitcoin Miami 2023. Collaborating with curators, Xverse, and Bitcoin Magazine, Gamma.io will showcase a fine art experience featuring 21 artists, celebrating the growing synergy between Bitcoin and the art world.

About Gamma
Gamma is the leading open marketplace for Bitcoin NFTs, powered by ordinals on L1 and Stacks on L2. Gamma consists of three core platforms: a no-code creator launchpad, which allows creators to create NFT collections and digital artifacts in minutes, an open marketplace for exploring and collecting NFTs, and API infrastructure, powering dozens of dapps and wallets in the programmable Bitcoin ecosystem. Gamma supports thousands of collections, nearly 80% of which were deployed using its no-code portal. Its marketplace has facilitated millions of dollars of transactions and supports trading the largest number of collections on any platform built on Bitcoin.

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