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Friend.tech sees a decline in interest, but Base persists

  • Friend.tech saw a decline in TVL over the last few days.
  • Activity on the Base network continued to grow.

Friend.tech took the crypto world by storm when it was first announced. A large majority of people signed up almost instantly, as it allowed many users to monetize their popularity in the crypto space.

However, after its initial rise to fame, the hype around the network started to fade away.

Is the party over

Between the 18th and the 19th of November, Friend.tech experienced its highest trading volume in over half a month, surpassing $10 million. Over the weekend, a total of 4.42k Ether [ETH] was withdrawn from Friend.tech.

The Total Value Locked (TVL) in Friend.tech decreased by approximately 21% to 16,900 ETH, marking its lowest point in nearly two months.

The spike in trading volume and ETH withdrawals from Friend.tech could suggest users cashing out, impacting the platform’s overall health. A decline in TVL signals reduced engagement and trust.

Maintaining a lower TVL might affect the platform’s ability to attract new users and retain existing ones.

The decrease in TVL to its lowest point in two months may indicate a shift in user sentiment or preferences, requiring Friend.tech to address potential concerns or enhance its offerings to regain momentum.

How is Base holding up?

A decrease in Friend.tech’s activity on Base might impact the network’s overall user engagement. As Friend.tech operates on Base, a drop in its usage could lead to reduced transaction volumes and interactions within the Base network.

This might affect the scalability objectives of Base, slowing down the growth it aims to achieve on the Ethereum layer-2. It’s crucial for Base to address any challenges that Friend.tech faces to maintain a thriving ecosystem and fulfill its mission of scaling user interactions on-chain.

Despite these factors, the number of daily active users on the Base network grew. Moreover, while looking at the overall L2 space, the Base network fell behind Arbitrum and Optimism in this regard. However, in terms of transactions, Base was able to flip the Optimism network.

Source: Artemis

Base’s recent forays into gaming could also help the network grow further. Recently, Openfort integrated with the Base network. This could improve sentiment around Base, and give it an edge over other networks.

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