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Bitcoin and Ethereum Top Other Cryptos by Social Activity

  • CryptoDetective announced a list of top crypto projects by social activity.
  • Bitcoin and Ethereum top the list.
  • Other top cryptos include SOL, XTZ, GMT, AVAX, etc.

CryptoDetective released a list of the top crypto projects that are ranking on social media for different social activities. The data has been collected, taking into consideration three metrics. The primary assessment is through social mentions. These include the activity and social mentions from all the collected sources over time.

The second assessment is on the social engagement factor. These include different activities like retweets, favs, replies, followers, and upvotes. The third assessment factor is social dominance which is nothing but the total share of voice across all the social media data.

According to the report, ten cryptocurrencies are ranked at the top by social activity. The number one position is held by none other than Bitcoin. The social mentions, social engagement, and social dominance of Bitcoin are 93.5k, 537 million, and 24.9%, respectively.

It is followed by Ethereum, which has 47.6k social mentions, 123 million social engagements, and 12.1% social dominance. Solana is right behind with 37.8k, 41.8 million, and 8.06%. The other cryptocurrencies on the list are Tezos, STEPN, Avalanche, Cardano, Gnosis, Klever, and 1 INCH.

To see Bitcoin topping the social activity among other cryptocurrencies is not something to be amazed by. The first and largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has been quite trending recently. A few days back, “Bitcoin is dead” was trending on Google as the bear market hit and the token plunged below $20,000.

Also, the bear market was seen as an opportunity as Michael Saylor and Nayib Bukele bought the dip. As the markets are falling, it seems that only the toughest and strongest will survive the bear market.

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