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Big Eyes: An Ethereum-Based Presale Meme Token Like Shiba Inu, With A DEX That Surpasses

Meme tokens are now expanding their horizons to encompass features of mainstream crypto projects. One feature adopted by the Big Eyes (BIG) project is the creation of a crypto swap. It is one of the few projects to have a decentralized crypto exchange within its ecosystem.

To build this type of dApp, Big Eyes uses the Ethereum blockchain as its host. Utilizing Ethereum’s infrastructure, Big Eyes will host several platforms for its users.
To build this type of dApp, Big Eyes uses the Ethereum blockchain as its host. Utilizing Ethereum’s infrastructure, Big Eyes will host several platforms for its users.
How far will Big Eyes grow as it intends to revolutionize this space? In this article, a brief overview of key features of Big Eyes will highlight why it is considered the next Dogecoin.

Big Eyes And Its Amazing Features
Big Eyes, a meme coin project, entered this space in August 2022. Since the start of its presale, it has experienced much growth. It became the first meme project to raise over $1 million during the first week of the presale.
The features and accomplishments of Big Eyes point to the fact that it is treading down a unique path. Its features contrast those of other meme projects as it dumps dogs for cats.

Big Eyes’ Cross-chain Platform
Big Eyes does not intend to be tethered to one blockchain. As the ecosystem grows, it intends to develop and launch a blockchain bridge. This bridge will provide seamless interaction between blockchains.
As Big Eyes embraced interoperability, its native ERC-20 cryptocurrency will take up new utilities. It will be the primary cryptocurrency for cross-chain operations. This cryptocurrency will also power the Big Eyes swap.
The Big Eyes Swap is a DEX in the Big Eyes ecosystem that facilitates the decentralized swapping of tokens. This swap will leverage the features of the blockchain bridge to scale up operations and a cross-chain swap protocol.

Big Eyes and Charity
Big Eyes intends to impact the lives of humans positively. It intends to do this by supporting charitable organizations with funds. These crypto donations help charity organizations impact the lives of their members.
The $1000 donation Big Eyes gave to Luna Children will go a long way in helping them fit into society. Big Eyes has also made similar donations multiple times to different charitable organizations.
In addition to helping humans live a good life, Big Eyes will pioneer a move to keep the earth clean. This move will focus on making the oceans safer for their inhabitants. Big Eyes will donate funds to charity organizations for this cause.
Big Eyes Compared With Shiba Inu
The Ethereum blockchain opened the doors to the expansion of crypto projects we see today. It introduced smart contracts, the key to blockchain development and expansion.
Smart contracts also allow the creation of decentralized applications and other platforms that expand blockchain uses.
With smart contracts, blockchain developers could build and manage projects like Shiba Inu and Big Eyes on the Ethereum blockchain. Shiba Inu entered this space earlier than Big Eyes, and its growth proves Ethereum’s potential.
This is good news for Big Eyes as it intends to leverage the same blockchain to achieve incredible feats. If Shiba Inu leveraged Ethereum to become the second-largest meme project, Big Eyes would become a more significant project.

Big Eyes Compared WithPancakeswap
Pancakeswap operates on Binance as a top-ranking decentralized crypto exchange. It is the main DEX for swapping BEP-20 tokens. Its native cryptocurrency, “CAKE,” is the main currency for the DEX.
Pancakeswap users use CAKE to get discounts on trading fees and earn governance rights. They can also stake CAKE tokens for passive rewards.
Big Eyes intend to outshine Pancakeswap with its cross-chain DEX. Unlike Pancakeswap, the Big Eyes swap will not be limited to one blockchain. It will support all top crypto networks and power crypto swaps across all of them at low fees.

How To Buy The Big Eyes Presale
Big Eyes (BIG) tokens are ERC-20 cryptocurrencies. They are the primary currency used to fuel transactions within the Big Eyes ecosystem. All BIG holders will also receive governance rights and voting power in the ecosystem.
In time, BIG tokens will be available on Uniswap, but for now, it is available only on the presale portal. You can access this portal through the Big Eyes official website.

It would help if you had a Metamask or Trustwallet account funded with USDT, ETH, or BNB tokens. Connect your wallet to the presale portal and initiate the BUY transaction. Verify the amount well before approving the payment.

Buy Big Eyes now!
The opportunity to join Big Eyes and enjoy excellent next-generation benefits is still open. Buy the BIG token presale and gain exclusive access to the ecosystem.
Stay up to date with all the developments from Big Eyes by following them on social media and checking their website.
Presale: https://buy.bigeyes.space/
Website: https://bigeyes.space/


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