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Beware of the Bitcoin 360 AI scam

Bitcoin 360 AI is presented as an automatic trading software

Bitcoin 360 AI: yet another scam in the crypto world

On the surface, the website may look legitimate, but in reality, it does not take long to discover that it is the same old scam

The first clue that suggests rather clearly that this is just an attempted scam is the explicit statement on their website that “the average daily profit is $1,300.” 

This number appears rather clearly totally made up, and thrown in just to try to fool the naive. 

In fact, in trading, profits depend on the amount invested, so they also vary greatly depending on whether you invest a lot or a little. 

The second clue, however, is a blatant lie

The website, in fact, claims that Bitcoin 360 AI is “multiple award-winning,” but there is no record that it has ever received a single award. 

So, as far as anyone knows, Bitcoin 360 AI has never received any real awards, while on the website they lie by calling it multiple award-winning. 

Then there are other minor clues, starting with the fact that the web page with which it is presented is extremely similar, not to say almost identical, to that of many other similar scams. 

Among the minor clues, the most important one is the fact that it is offered as free software. There are several automatic trading software programs on the market, but they are very complex to set up and manage, and above all, very expensive

Developing truly successful automatic trading software is extremely difficult and expensive, so no one would ever dream of offering it for free. It is more than obvious that Bitcoin 360 AI cashes right in from its users’ payouts, and since this hypothetical automatic trading software most likely does not even exist, users will only be paid back with any money collected from new users. 

Another Ponzi scheme on the market?

Thus, it is most likely a run-of-the-mill pyramid scheme, or Ponzi scheme, in which the money paid in by newcomers is used to pay back the first entrants. When the influx of new deposits from naive new users ceases, or slows down, the pyramid scheme will collapse and stop paying out. 

In the end, only the first ones who have already entered will have gained, while all those who enter later will end up losing the money paid in. 

In this regard, one should not be fooled by another lie, namely the claim that Bitcoin 360 AI would have a “99.4% accuracy rate.” In reality, most likely such software does not even exist, so it has no accuracy rate.

Another minor, but rather clear, clue that this is the usual scam is the fact that they ask for an initial deposit of $250

These kinds of scams always ask for an initial deposit of between $200 and $300, although then the operators behind them try to convince the more naive to deposit more. There are people who have lost tens, if not thousands of dollars or euros this way. 

It is worth pointing out that with a hypothetical investment of $250 it is absolutely impossible to generate an average of $1,300 in daily profits. Indeed, it is not even possible to generate on average $1,300 in annual profits, so this is a huge lie. 

Moreover, in such cases, the naive investors should ask themselves why a company that happens to own such software should give it away to everyone. It is more than obvious that if they give it away it means that either it does not work, or it simply does not exist. 

Bitcoin 360 AI: the classic scam scheme

Analyzing what is stated on the official Bitcoin 360 AI website, one can go so far as to say that virtually nothing they say is true. In fact, nothing they say is verifiable: believing what is claimed would require trusting someone who is not even identified. 

It is worth remembering that anyone can create such a website and write any lie on it. So the most obvious thing is that scammers did it. 

Besides, similar websites have been published for years now, and they have all always turned out to be merely scams. Most likely it is always the same scammers who create many different versions, with different names, of basically the same website to try to entice more and more naive people. 

It is no accident that the website domain is registered anonymously so that the authors cannot be traced. 

Unfortunately, these are often real organizations operating from abroad, and, as a result, law enforcement is unable to arrest them. By now, they have been operating in the exact same way for so long that anyone should have learned that they are just trivial scam attempts. 

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